[MM_Member_Data name=’firstName’], I never thought that VIP Newsletters will take a shape like a product when I started as an experiment in March 2017.

I am so glad to see you here.

How to read the Newsletters

You are about to consume the content that I published in last one year. Don’t rush!!

Read only those newsletters which are relevant for your business today. If you are just starting up, then read the Newsletters related to content writing and website setup only.

You can always login back and read the newsletters related to SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Start with first newsletter – [VIP Newsletter#1] Running Your Blog As A Business

There are 3 phases of entrepreneurship journey and 7 levels of the blogging business. You will find VIP Newsletters covering all the aspects of business & entrepreneur.

3 Phases of Entrepreneur

#1. Fear of Starting up

[vip newsletter #11] Business Mindset

[vip newsletter #16] Karma

[vip newsletter #17] Starting Small and Investing Right

[vip newsletter #31] Financial Freedom

#2. Struggle with Zero Return

[vip newsletter #4] The power of small wins

[vip newsletter #5] Staying on Schedule

[vip newsletter #25] Playing Long Shot

#3. Business Growth

[vip newsletter #10] read less, learn more

[vip newsletter #15] Going Wide vs. Deep

[vip newsletter #24] goals, to-do lists, zero inbox

7 Levels of Blogging Business

#1. Confusion of Profitable Idea Selection

[Niche Idea#1] Men Health & Supplement

[Niche Idea#2] Sports and Fitness

[Niche Idea#3]  Coming Soon

#2. Time & Money Investment (& Wastage) in Configuring Website/Themes/Plugins

[vip newsletter #12] Website Structure

#3. Content Planning & (Mis-) -Direction

[VIP Newsletter #3] Basics of SEO

[vip newsletter #6] Tactics vs. Strategy

[vip newsletter #13] Myths of SEO

#4. Getting better at content writing

[vip newsletter #7] How to get better at your writing

[vip newsletter #8] Storytelling and storyboarding

[vip newsletter #21] Success with Content

[vip newsletter #22] Hiring Content Writers

[vip newsletter #23] Getting Hired As Content Writer

#5. Getting Traffic with Content Marketing & Promotions

[VIP Newsletter #2] Zero to 150,000 Facebook Growth Without Paid Marketing

[vip newsletter #14] Next Level of SEO

[vip newsletter #9] How to pitch for guest posts

#6. Converting Traffic into Leads (& revenue)

[vip newsletter #18] Affiliate Marketing (Part 1 of 3)

[vip newsletter #19] Affiliate Marketing (Part 2 of 3)

[vip newsletter #20] Affiliate Marketing (Part 3 of 3)

[vip newsletter #29] Affiliate Marketing + Email Funnels

[vip newsletter #30] Email Funnels

[VIP Newsletter #32] Connecting the dots of Email Marketing

#7. Making Money through multiple channels

[vip newsletter #26] Money & Magic

[vip newsletter #27] Front End and Back End

[vip newsletter #28] EPS vs. EPS

Content marketing does not mean just writing articles.

It means using the content (text, graphics, audio, video) to reach out to your target audience and then provide them valuable product/service for which they are willing to pay you (as a token of thanks).

Recommended books for you

From the email conversations, I figured out that you need help in books selection.

Read the contextual books. The books which are aligned with what you are doing right now.

Now again the issue for me is that I can not write the names of books unless I know what exactly you need.

Group#1. Who are at idea level without a website

Group#2. Who has a website but at the initial stage

Group#3. Who has some traffic and looking to scale up

It would be good if you can read all six books. Tell me the difference that you will feel inside you after completing the books.

All the newsletters in the sequence of publishing